Grippy Sippy is a fun, detachable sippy cup lid, with added grip for little hands. Designed to be produced from food grade silicone, Grippy Sippy can stretch to fit a wide array of different sized cups and glasses, turning a standard glass into a spill free sippy cup.

Working with Mothercare/ELC as part of an Industrial Project Week, Grippy Sippy was a winner of the Home & Travel brief, and was picked up by the company to be considered for manufacture and production.

Sippy cup in pocket
Lost sippy cup

Sippy on the Go

Being a new parent means travelling with a lot of stuff - though something that all babies and young children have is a sippy cup. Normally these are quite large and bulky, and any drinks have to be decanted from glasses into sippy cups before drinking.

Grippy Sippy is the top of a sippy cup that can stretch to fit over different sized glasses - essentially turning any cup, bowl or drinking vessel into a non-spill sippy cup. Designing the shape into fun characters will provide a closer attachment for kids, as young children tend to have their own preferred sippy cups to drink from.

Two Grippy Sippy lids
Ideatin sketching
Final sketch render
The Outcome

To Grip, Sip and Stretch

Grippy Sippy caters to the three different grip styles that children use to develop their fine motor skills:

Fist grip - newborn to one year old, holds items with entire, often closed fist.

Four Finger Grip - Progression on the fist grip but still clumsy, holding four fingers against the thumb.

Pincer Grip - For older children with fine motor skills, able to twist dials, turn pages, use zips and crayons.

When used, the raised grip that extends down the glass enables children to grab with a fist or pincer grip, and when older, as handles, something to play with - or something to gnaw on.

Hero render
Storyboard 1
Storyboard 2
Storyboard 3
Storyboard 4
Storyboard 5
Storyboard 6
Girl drinking from Grippy Sippy
Grippy Sippy on cups