Hi, I'm

Emilios Farrington-Arnas

A London based Industrial Designer

Here's some places you might've seen me
I’m Emilios: a London based industrial designer, with a penchant for attractive, intelligent design. I love good food, geometric shapes and like most of the design industry, I have a very strong caffeine dependency.
When it comes to designing, I always aim to create beautiful products with a hint of playfulness, enriching the user experience with tactile and satisfying responses. I believe there’s no reason for every piece of design to look rich and beautiful in all situations, whilst still being pragmatic, long-lasting and perfectly functioning.

Quick Fire Facts
  • I think well in 3D, but I prefer using my hands
  • I love tactile, physical buttons/switches that audibly click
  • My favourite colour is yellow - but only in small quantities or for accents
  • I submitted a 3D product during my graphic design course
  • I’ve never missed a deadline, inside or outside of work
  • I can’t stand drinking British tea, but I can make a decent cup
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with watches
  • My Spotify discovery playlists are consistently great
  • I have a tendecy to tell bad dad jokes, but I'm not a dad
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